#217 - Clutch Fix, BBQ And Free Tattoo

091622 - It was a sunny Friday morning. Jason and Kevin come by with their impact gun to help remove the clutch basket, chain and all to get to the shift pawl adjustment (which wasn't even the issue). Turns out the clutch was just done, so we bought the clutch plates (not documented) and called it a day.

091722 - With an open schedule Saturday with beautiful weather, we decided to take a break from the Evo and went to try out this BBQ place in La Palma, California. Super good! Definitely gonna have to go back after payday!

091822 - Sunday arrived and so did the clutch plates. As each place was being removed, we got to the spring plate in the middle only to find out it was only held together with the surrounding plates! As soon as we removed the plate against it, some of the rivets came loose! It was the broken clutch spring plate that was the main shifting problem this whole time! But here the video on how to make your own clutch puller tool like we did!: https://youtu.be/zQnlt8twX3k

Later that night, we met up at the tattoo studio to meet with Joseph, the first guy to contact Andres about his free Unaffiliated tattoo offer! See details here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CihCrPArtOW

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