#215 - Joel's New Hog And Chillin' With Ervin

DISCLAIMER: The events in this vlog take place 1 day after vlog 213.

091222 - It was the Monday after our Joshua Tree weekend when Joel and Maria came over to debut his new hog! Of course we had to end the night with dessert. We stop by Bernard, Diego and Andres' tattoo studio for some ink talk. Full Vibe Check video here: https://youtu.be/Wn0BNeaZtac

091322 - We roll with Ervin to kill some time at Rodeo 39 where we meet Nigel from Skin Design Tattoos. On our way out, Ervin meets the owner of a Kawasaki Vulcan. We end the night over at In-N-Out to meet with some of the guys and meet a stranger with a few words of his own.

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