#174 - Born Free 13

062522 - *DISCLAIMER* We're by no means an "event coverage" channel, but we made sure to cover as much of the event as we could while still remaining present! We kick it, we party, and we vlog for you all to share the experience with us! So please bare with us if we don't meet your "standards" for event coverage; this channel is not the channel you are looking for

*SECOND DISCLAIMER* This vlog (174) 173 and 172 will be out of timeline order. The vlogs before these (171) took place on May 13th, this vlog you're watching now jumps to the weekend of June 23rd. The vlog to follow after this (175 - Brake Problems) will jump back into our timeline and resume on May 2th, 2022. We only did this so Born Free weekend content was out this month because we have about a month of content that happened before Born Free so releasing it in order would delay Born Free weekend vlogs a whole month and a half behind. Thank you for understanding!

Additionally, if you would like to support and help this channel stick around and remain as consistent as possible, we’d appreciate if you checked out the “thanks” button that appears under the videos! Multiple hours are put into even just 1 video, but we pushed for 3 this week and this last one is really kicking our asses, but it’s just so much awesome footage! Any amount is appreciated 🙏🏽 But even if no one donates, that’s not gonna stop us from pumping out the same quantity/quality content we’ve been putting out.




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