#109 - The Lights Festival 2021

Yeah, no bikes and boys in this vlog. If you're too cool for school then you're not even reading this. But if you're human and have a heart, we appreciate you taking the time to hear us out.

As she wrote on her lantern, "Never give up on love. There is love for everyone. Your special someone is out there waiting for you. Have faith and be patient." What most people don't know is our story on how we met (we'll explain it in detail one day). But the cliff notes version is that we both were good friends in high school but stopped hanging out in 2009 (different friend groups, etc).

10 years would pass before we ever got back in touch. Both of us were "doing fine" while inevitably avoiding the feeling of being lovesick over the idea of even being with the right person. As a teenager you hold onto the idea, but going into your mid 20's and you start to come to terms that love isn't for everyone and you move on with your life.

Fast forward to December 2019 and we meet back up for the first time since high school (the story on how that happened was funny lol). Everything that happened to us separately in those 10 years shaped us into who were that night when we met up. The rest is history.

So yeah, long story long, love is worth waiting for. Love is tight. Love is chopper.

111221 - We wash her dog & ride to work. 111321 - We go to The Lights Festival in Imperial, California.


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