#043 - No Plans, No Problem

WARNING: Extremely shaky footage may cause nausea (not kidding)

083020 - I'm very very very sorry for the shaky footage. When holding the camera, I struggle between "living in the moment" & "vlogging". So where we meet halfway is video documentation that is accompanied by natural hand gestures when engaging in conversions with peers, thus producing very shaky footage. I'm ready for all the "I got a headache watching this" comments, and I don't blame you.

Again, I feel terrible putting this video out knowing that it will make your head hurt and cause nausea. My guilt is literally eating me alive, as my girlfriend got nauseous when watching the vlog.. I would just like to sincerely apologize for this rookie mistake and I will promise to be more mindful of my hand gestures when filming.

These are the risks when promising 2 videos a week. Not all of the videos we put out will be home runs as far as content or production, but just know that we learn from our mistakes and move forward. Thank you for understanding.


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