Devil In A Red Dress: Eric Caraig's S2000

Devil In A Red Dress: Eric Caraig's S2000

What you see right in front of you is Eric Caraig's Formula Red Honda S2000. You're probably asking yourself, what makes this S2000 so special? Well, let me tell you more about this Crimson Drift Missile.

Let's start off with the staggered wheels set up. Eric is currently running 17's up front and 18's in the rear. For those of you familiar with NSX's this is a very common staggered set up for an NSX to run, but that doesn't stop him from running the same set up on his S2000. The mismatched rims are also a great touch with the MB Battles in front and CE28 replicas in the back. Mismatched wheels are very popular with 240sx's and other infamous drift cars, but that's what really sets this S2000 apart from the rest.

Yes this S2000 is a daily driven car, but don't let that fool you. When Eric's not driving to work, school, or getting groceries, he makes sure to put those coilovers to work while either drifting or running canyons. A lot of the time, the first major modification someone does on their S2000 is install a hardtop roof, deleting the convertible top that the car comes with. He decided to leave the convertible roof to let the ladies check him out while he dips with the top down. Dropping the top also reveals his Grip Royal Steering Wheel and Cusco Roll Cage.

The front wheel fitment is on point with the semi-wide stance which still allows a maximum turn radius with minimum rubbing which is crucial when drifting or racing canyons. No that's not a censor bar that they put over girls' boobies on the Jerry Springer Show. He switched it up with the Amuse R1 front bumper with a custom air dam cut-out which leads directly to an AEM Cold Air Intake. Many would find the idea of cutting into a fresh Amuse bumper to be crazy; we found it to be an extremely catching offset to the front end which actually compliments the aggressive front wheel fitment perfectly.

A Sparco Sprint bucket seat is what's keeping Eric from flying out of his car when cutting a tight corner in the canyons. With any canyon/drift car, it is always important to stay bucketed in your car having full control when taking a turn or hitting it sideways. But nobody likes a quiet car, right? If you haven't already noticed, he's running a full custom dual-center exhaust which we've never seen on any other S2000. Installing his piping straight through the center of his chassis required a trunk delete which is only noticeable when the trunk is open. As you can see in the picture above, the exhaust is hanging slightly low. It usually sits higher up against the bumper but the hangers broke a few nights before which comes to show how much he really bangs on his car.

The direction he plans to go with his car is purely to have fun with it both as a daily driven car and occasional track/canyon car. He says that it's his daily driven car, drift slut, and weekend canyon carver. There is nothing we respect more than someone who races their car in whichever way they choose, but are still able to call it their daily driven car unlike many people and their cars. We should also remind all of your to keep a look out for his bright red S2000 parked right outside of Tastea where he gets his funds from.


Sometimes it's all of the little things you do to a car that can make the biggest difference. Interior features a Cusco Roll Cage to maintain a stiff ride and give the car a very track aggressive look, Sparco Sprint Bucket Seat to help keep the driver in position, a fresh Grip Royal Steering Wheel w/ Vertex Horn Button to honk at stupid drivers all around the city, and a classic Clear Bubble Shift Knob to make the ladies swoon.

Like we had already mentioned multiple times, Eric loves to take his S2000 out to the canyons from time to time, but what good is a fast car with crappy suspension? Don't think he took the cheap way out to lower his car with cut springs, he keeps a low and stiff ride with Buddy Club N1 full coilover suspension which comes into play when racing canyons. He says that he gets a lot of his style and drifting from Junkhouse/Risky Devil. Basically a street based drift style. He is also running a Mishimoto Radiator mounted right up front, an AEM Cold Air Intake to help with acceleration, an Omni Power Clutch Master Cylinder laced to a grabby Exedy Stage 3 Clutch.
Eric would also like to give a shout out to everyone over at Attic, The Unaffiliated Fam, Tastea for the funds, Rudee from AK1 Motorsports, 714 Tires, and Island Motorsports. 
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