Thursday, October 24, 2019

Landers Liquor Bar - Bike Night: 10/24/19

Once in a blue moon, Landers Liquor Bar in Costa Mesa, CA likes to throw a little Bike Night in partnership with Slow & Low Rock & Rye. This time they had a sweet little raffle for different prizes which included a hand-painted helmet by local artist Morgan aka neonsuperblack.

Their tots are literally the best tots ever. Best $5.39 spent.

Some fancy drink.

Ryan Rafkin's rad Ironhead chop.

The prize helmet.

The man blessing the joint with the best tunes, Bruce Ringsting.

Raffle time feat. your host, Zac B. James.

This guy won a million times. But then again the only way to get a raffle ticket was to buy shots and his eyes weren't lying.

The luckiest guy at the bar that night.

The artist & the winner.

These guys' table had almost every ticket drawn that night. 

Anotha one.