Sunday, November 11, 2018

Rays Tribute 2018 Car Meet (Light Coverage)

It has been literally years since we last attended a show/meet hosted by anyone and what better way to hop back into it than to attend the Rays Tribute Meet? 

Disclaimer: Don't expect a full blown photo set with intricate critique and high valued opinions, we're just some dudes from So Cal.

We know our whole "fuck the scene" motto might seem a bit contradicting considering we attended a show/meet hosted by industry titans, but we came out to see what builds were going to consist of with the one common ground; every vehicle entered/accepted was on Rays/Mackin wheels.

After a long and late Saturday night, we somehow mustered up the will to wake up in time for the initial roll-in for registered vehicles. We left at 7am to a Starbucks down the street from the meet for a little kick-start we all needed before the 8am roll-ins.

Gangster Civic.

This supercharged Prelude was a definite show-stopper. Attention to detail was immaculate.

Boozey lookin' a little black & blue.

Not a fan of bolt-on widebody kits but this thing was sweet.

There were so many dogs & puppies at the event. This little foo had to be our favorite. 

The whips were baller but our lunch was the opposite. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Favorite car at the event. We heard that this Lexus was barely put together and finished about a week before the show which explained how pristine it appeared despite the ride-height (yes, it's bagged but the kit still sits low). With that being said, we hope to see a few chips and scratches on that kit in the near future; that is assuming this is a street car. But nowadays you can never tell.