Wednesday, January 18, 2017

GrimeyVibes Guest & Sticker Release

We are very excited to have our boy Lonnie Johnson on the GrimeyVibes Podcast this Friday to promote his upcoming Roast Battle versus Forbes writer, Alfred Konuwa. The battle will take place on Tuesday, February 7th at 10:30pm at The Comedy store in Hollywood

Besides the fact that Lonnie and Grime both had E30's, we always got along so well. We've always noticed that Lonnie had some spark to him in the way he was be quick with the pop culture references within our day to day conversations but we never thought to see him on stage roasting!

Lonnie's current Roast Battle Record is 3-1 and is Ranked #37 (click here for rankings). His opponent, Alfred is a writer for Forbes Magazine and Bleacher Report (click here for Alfred's Forbes entries)

Also just a reminder, we will be announcing the release for our very limited quantity of Gold OG Logo stickers during this Friday's broadcast! Well, I guess we'll save the rest for the podcast! But until then peep the links below and we'll be hearing from you on Friday!

Lonnie Johnson: @BigLon1988
Alfred Konuwa: @ThisIsNasty
Roast Battle: @RoastBattle
The Comedy Store: @TheComedyStore

Grime: @GrimeLight
Badvibes: @The_BadVibes