Friday, September 23, 2016

Vlog #7 - Burgers, Rappers & Cool Shoes

Lately we've been encouraging people to give us suggestions to visit any places around Cali whether it be food or a mall. A few weeks ago, one of our listeners, Leo, saw our last vlog over at a restaurant in Orange, CA. He did what any good food-lover would do and suggested we try one of his favorite burger spots in Alhambra called Grill'em All! He showed is their Instagram and we were enticed by their classic Heavy Metal themed restaurant so we had to scope it out.

Shortly after we devoured our burgers, we journeyed over some massive speedbumps again to head out to Melrose for some shopping where we ran into two pretty well known rappers. After our quick stop there, we ,made our way to our final stop of the day, Citadel Outlets in Commerce, CA.

We realize it's been a while since we've done a photo blog but it's been hard to fit time to do those along with vlogs, podcasts, music, and our constantly laggy attempt at getting merch up on the online store for you guys..

The main reason why "car pages" are always on top of their merch and less on their interactive/personal content is because car pages/people do everything just to get likes follows & shares all to make some cash off of merch. But we're not a "car page", nor are we "car people". We're Unaffiliated, and if you're reading this, so are you. So bare with us, we got you.