Tuesday, May 31, 2016

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NEW TRACK: Grapevine feat. Berleezy

Tuesday, 1:08am, just finished & uploaded this new track for ya'll. Still gotta be up at 6:30am for work tomorrow.. or today? Ugh.. Whatever.. you better bump it in your whip whether you scrape it or jump it.

Berleezy Diss Track

Recently we linked up with our friend Berlin to help him record a diss track for some YouTube drama he had with some fool whose name isn't even worth mentioning. We've linked up with Berlin and the Eezy Gang guys before like at our collab Summer Bash Mansion Party 2013 and w e'll be doing a lot more work with him in the future, but for now we'll leave you with this fire ass track.

(Start video at 8:45 to get into the diss track)

Sunday, May 29, 2016


Song: 51/50 by Berleezy
 (download available below)

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Camp Vibes

Reminiscing of camping as a kid with your family most likely emanates a euphoric rush of sensory detail through your frontal lobe (naturally), resulting in a feel of ecstasy. Looking back we might even refer to the feeling as "pure joy" or "true happiness". But the perplexing thing about this observation is that the feeling of true happiness surrounded us without us even knowing it; we literally were just living our lives in the moment.

Now that we are much older and independent, it seems as though we are living our lives with the underlying urge to feel that sense of "true happiness" again whether it be that high paying job, that new car, that first house purchase, or finding that significant other. But why search, right? We've known the feeling since we were young, why can't we just feel that again without the dependency of a literal end goal? Well that is just what this past camping trip has taught us.

I know, we put out all sorts of car-related media but trust us when we tell you we are not a "car crew" or "car page". Consider us a group of friends who want to be the constant reminder to the rest of the world that it is good to have hobbies and interests that keep you and your friends close, but also that life is far too valuable to confine yourself to a single lifestyle.

When you want to BBQ but stance is life.

Trail-less hiking with James

We came across this mini statue of Sun Wukong that had been placed on a rock by previous hikers (click here to read more about Sun Wukong)

As long as civilization has existed there has always been a void inside every man and woman. The major difference between then and now is that times were a lot simpler back in the day and people would acknowledge that void by doing something with their lives to overcome it. Progression is natural; we have seen it generation after generation and this has all been the subconscious result of overcoming that inevitable void.

In this modern & technologically advanced society we are given all the tools we need to succeed in every aspect that we can think of, but it all comes with a price.. A motto that my mother had embedded into my head as a teenager was to live life in moderation. At first I did not fully and wanted to just live it up, but now as a young adult I see what she means.

We are very lucky to be living in a generation where we have everything we need available right at our fingertips but like my mother said, "live in moderation". We are quick to try and tuck away that feeling, that void that creeps in from time to time by quickly checking our phones, refreshing our news feeds, or posting a pointless "selfies" in hopes of feeling that euphoric rush we once felt when we were young. 

Yes, we do feel that rush when we do these things but the feeling only lasts as long as the moment, which is very short. Sad, isn't it? Not really, because you are not aware of it. Although I'm not sure which is more unfortunate; the fact that we cannot come to terms with ourselves and just accept the reason why we do these things? Or the fact that we are completely aware of why we do these things yet continue to because it's all we know?

This whole write-up probably feels completely offbeat in comparison to the photos from our camping trip, so let me go ahead and sew this all together. I went into this camping trip with a lot on my mind and certain things were bothering me, but after hiking with James and having an interesting talk at the top of the mountains my whole mindset had been changed for the better which is exactly why I wanted to share this experience with you wherever you are.

Patterns in nature

A great philosopher, Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679) had argued that people were naturally cruel, greedy and selfish. For centuries people have argued over that belief and cannot understand why it is such a historic quote. But in the past years I have been able to completely understand it. Most of us (like myself) consider ourselves to have what seems to be an endless sea of problems anywhere from our phone battery always being low to things not going as planned. 

We indulge ourselves in self-pity whether we are aware of it or not, and that is completely selfish of us. We are blessed enough to even be able to think all, let alone feel. Sometimes the things we do to avoid our problems or feelings may seem harmless but can come off as cruel to others, especially to the ones you love. Not everyone will understand this just like the way that not everyone will understand you; that's where we need to find a balance. 

We take everything in our day-to-day lives for granted and often wait for drastic measures before ever truly appreciating what we have which usually results in a high/low outcome. We cannot be living our lives that way forever, we as a species need to understand that everyone and everything on this planet has a purpose. We might suddenly realize it, it might take years to realize, or we might never know what the purpose was. But that's the beauty of life.

In relation to the trail-less hike James and I took, we did not know where we were going or where our climb would take us. We honestly did not even know why we climbed so high in the first place. But along the way we were able to evaluate our existence and purpose. Looking at each rock that was toppled over the other reminded us that even the smallest pebble held the same significance and the boulder that was leaning against the dead tree trunk. 

With all things considered, we understood that as individuals we tend to get caught up with ourselves in our subconscious self-centered state. Sometimes we need to realize that we are never truly alone and do not necessarily need to seek purpose or "happiness". These are all things that should come naturally whether you like it or not.

So stop searching, and start living.