Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Fuck The Scene

Fuck The Scene Stickers will be releasing
Friday night at Midnight 2/6/16

The car scene was once all about the culture and the friendships, but now with all of this Instagram-Fame bullshit everyone seems to be so caught up with their "likes" and "followers". These egotistic jocks have gotten ridiculously big-headed from all of the exposure and think they rule the world. News flash, we all bleed the same blood at the end of the day.

We're telling you, high school never ends. Whether it's the car scene or the campus, you will always have your nerds, preps, jocks, sluts, and the kids sitting at the top of the bleachers during assemblies throwing paper balls at everyone. That's us. Everyone is equal, no dollar or follower amount can ever make you worth any more than the next guy.

We know that there is a scene out there that constantly pursues perfection and a lavish lifestyle that we can only dream of. And don't get us wrong, if you want to hustle and make big money, then more power to you.

But we can care less if our cars are perfect or fast or slow, we just know that we built our cars with our day-one friends and we all will have each others' backs no matter what.

FUN-FACT: Your 50,000 followers can't stop one bullet from gouging through your chest.

(Fun-Fact was brought to you by the letter "U" for Unaffiliated)

Unaffiliated has always been about the culture and the friendships we've had with each other and people we have met along the way. We believe strongly in embracing your flaws, wearing your scars, being proud of where you've come and where you are.

Don't ever feel pressured to build a vehicle based off of some flawless "Instagram-Famous Car" off some car page when you hardly have enough to get by. Be proud in your build and know who your friends are.

Cars can be bought stock and built to your specific liking. But the same can't be said about your friends. YOUR friends are YOUR friends because of many different and specific reasons that you can't simply breakdown into a list.

It's okay to enjoy the scene, but don't let yourself get lost in it. From what we've been seeing these past few years, we'd like to say FUCK THE SCENE and stay Unaffiliated.

Fuck The Scene Stickers will be releasing
Friday night at Midnight 2/6/16