Monday, February 8, 2016

A Different Perspective

It was the King Of Hammers weekend over in Johnson Valley and a couple of the guys wanted to mob out there. Considering it was about a 3 hour drive from where we're from, it wasn't a large group. But the few of us who went are definitely glad we went.

We woke up at about 6:30am and drove over to the local meet up spot to wait for a couple more of the guys to roll with.

Dylan had just turned 21 that weekend as well, so he took a mandatory morning swig.

The homie Andrew just turned 21 that same weekend. Birthday Buddies.

After James rolled through, we were all set to make the 3 hour mob out to the Valley.

Boozey's alter ego, Coach Boozman Sandoval. Head coach of the Buena Park Blazers Peewee Baseball League. He makes kids do bear-crawls 'til they puke.

As fate may have it, my truck broke down about 30 minutes into the mob right there on the busy ass 91 freeway. Thanks to California's tax-supported 24/7 roadside assistance I was towed away from the shoulder of the freeway and dropped off to the nearest exit/street.

Luckily it turned out that my timing belt snapped, nothing too serious. Thank God my little 4 banger is a non-interference motor. We just left my truck at a local mechanic for the day.

Mandatory Mexican Food stop.

We knew we were in the Valley when all we saw were fully-built rock-crawlers and pre-runners driving around and being hauled on trailers everywhere. But out of all the crazy trucks and jeeps we saw, this little XB was parked at the gas station we stopped by.

I spoke with the owner shortly and already saw a huge difference from the scene over in the LA and OC area as compared to the IE and Valley. I'll get more into it on the next GrimeyVibes Podcast.

Speaking of GrimeyVibes, here's our latest episode if you haven't heard it yet.
We'll try to record a new episode this weekend 2/13/16.

We need one of these in our area, all the cholas would be wet.

Despite the fact that we were only hours away from home, everything seemed so foreign to us. 

I'm sure you could say that it's very "Hollywood" of us to be so dumbfounded with scenery like what's shown in the images above but I'll own up to the stereotype. Sometimes you get so engulfed in the city/suburban lifestyle full of manufactured bullshit that is systematically produced to distract you from real life. But this weekend really opened our eyes to a very much needed different perspective.

We were still about 40 minutes away from our destination when we decided to pull off the side of what seemed to be a never-ending road to just really take in the simple beauty that was all around us.

Don't just scroll past this image, I want you to click on the image and zoom in a but, really scan the photo and take it all in. This is a man's life taken in one single photograph. No malls or clubs down the street and nothing but miles between him and the next person.

We finally arrived to the KOH camp site where many people were leaving but there still seemed to be an endless sea of campers and trucks lined up across the horizon.

Seeing all of the Jeeps and trucks mobbing across the sand and whoops made me really butthurt that I wasn't able to bring my truck. But what Boozey reminded me is that I was lucky that it broke down on me 30 minutes into the drive rather than hundreds of miles away in the middle of the desert.

James was itching to whip is Subie and totally started something..

This guy was hyped.

After getting off the phone with their friend Kalil we all mobbed out to a dried up lake bed just up the way that he had told us about. James seemed a bit fed up with the long drive and wrong turns, but that all changed as soon as we hit the lake bed. 

I was temped to write about the landscape and how surreal it was,
but I'll just let the pictures do the talking. 

Growing up in the city/suburbs, we seem to take everything for granted. But sometimes you just have to look at things from a different perspective. With Spring Break around the corner, I'm sure you all have plans to fuck bitches and party all night which is alright, run it. But this Summer, put your phones down and make a plan to go camping with your friends, or even just drive a few hours out somewhere you all haven't been so you could all feel the moment exactly how it should be.


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