Sunday, January 31, 2016

Little Muddy 1/31/16

After finally releasing our long awaited OG Logo Stickers online, we sold out of all of them within the weekend! Thank you again to every single one of you who have been repping Unaffiliated since day one! So we spent most of our weekend clearing orders and setting everything up to mail out this week.

It had been hot this whole week down here in California, but today struck us over the head with overcast clouds, strong winds and tons of rain (on & off).

We met up with Subi James and mobbed over to
the homie's workplace to see what they were up to.

Things got a little muddy.

Peep the bangers.

Boozey & James really earned their Subi stripes in the dirt today.

Dylan & Cody fabbing up Dylan's new bumper for his Forester.

Fozz is life.

Oh yeah and Roscoe finally lowered his car a bit. Only on lowering springs for now, coils & wheels should be up next. $100 for lowering springs? Pretty chill drop for now.

This nigga Chval (green hoodie) be schemin' on Tinder and shit.

If any of you ladies in the OC/LA aria come across this foo on Tinder, swipe right for a good time aye.

And the bumper is on.

Chval is the new owner of Boozey's 240sx. Oh yeah, a lot went down since we last posted on here as often as we used to. Boozey had 2 S13's and sold both of them to throw down on his Impreza that he's currently trappin' in.

We all rolled up to Attic to meet with Bear and some other homies to have dinner at the homie Al's restaurant for some of the bombest Thai food in Orange County.

The best damn Thai food you'll have in Orange County. Check out Kapow Cuisine if you happen to be in the area. Our friend Al B. owns the restaurant so let him know who sent you there!

If you've never had Thai Iced Coffee, you're lackin'.

Everyone be up on that 8 Ball Pool.

Welcome to The 21st Century smh.

Nothing beats a good day with great friends and bomb food.

- Kelvin G. Santos