Friday, November 27, 2015

Last Minute Meet 11/7/15

It's been over a year since we last threw a meet, so we randomly decided to throw a last minute meet. But most meets nowadays are all about the cars, builds, and photos. We wanted to remind everyone that not everything we do or are about is all revolving around the material things. So this meet was more of a personal experience getting to meet everyone and hang out. 

We were all just hanging out before we realized that the meet was going on  that same night. I'm telling you, we don't come over to each others' houses and circle-jerk while talking about cars, we're just friends from years back. The cars and trucks are cool, but not our main focus. Our main focus is each other (no homo).

Aaron always fixing something on his car.

So we got to Attic, posted up and waited for everyone to show up.

Arm <3 p="">

Tony's paid-off BRZ.

We have too many pictures of Bear's Civic aired down, so we decided to show off his high ride.

Vlad's IS250 has changed soooo much in the short time he's owned it. So badass.

This Miata is so ideal. Wheel choice definitely tops it off.

The custom wing this guy was working on looked janky as fuck. But we can totally envision the final product. Can't wait to see it finished, mad props to the owner for doing such unorthodox work to a newer car.

Baywatch pulled up in his Subie. So blean.

Reppin'. Squad.

This nigga Orlando is such a good guy. His car is badass and has come a long way from the first time we met him. Definitely love how the car's coming out man, stay up.

Hella Maximas.

World's Lowest Cougar came out to play.

This JBL powered truck gots the bass that'll wreck ya face. You have to experience his set up at least once in your life.

This foo's amp is bigger than a Miata.

If you have your girlfriend with you and you're next to this truck,
I suggest bringing an extra pair of panties, a mop, and a Sham-Wow.

Not the biggest meet we've thrown, but definitely a cool experience.

We were giving out Unaffiliated decals all night until we eventually ran out. Of course we didn't charge anyone because we're not about the money, we're just about the support and we appreciate each and everyone one of you who have been following and supporting us since day one.

With all of the generous donations that were occasionally being offered to us for the stickers, we went ahead and brought it right back to everyone at the meet buy using that money to go buy pizza. Name one other crew who's done that. You won't, because we're not a crew.

Pooked ass Yordanks and his Volvo.

Yeah, we were playing beer pong with people from the meet.

Shouts out to Junior! He's been a supporter from sometime now and actually drove all the way out from Simi Valley by himself just to come and kick it with us despite the heavy traffic. Much love!

Haven'y seen any of the Relentless car guys in a while, Nice to see they're still out here.

Those rims were so sick on this S13.

It was awesome finally getting to meet the owner of this car, Dominick. We ended up linking up with him a couple weeks after the meet and had a hell of  a weekend.. Let's just say we're a lot closer now. If you wanna hear about our little misadventure, listen to our latest podcast episode where we go into detail on that weekend. 

These guys were super cool too! We ended up hanging out with them along with Dom that same day. Hope to link up again soon, probably grab some grub. It's cool to realize how many people are in your area who are interested in the same stuff as you are but you just never have the chance to run into them in your daily routine. That's why I feel like our meet really brought that out.

Shouts out to Eric in his S13 repping AfterHours!

All in all the meet was great and we plan on hosting another one soon. But to close off our post, here's a photo we got of that UFO (I know it's not a UFO dumbass, calm down).

- Kelvin G. Santos