Thursday, June 12, 2014

Wash. Shred. Eat. Repeat.

Every good weekend starts with a car wash.

After getting the cars cleaned, it was time to get the bikes and boards dirty.

Albert_S14 up in this betch.


Back to the shop after a little shred sesh.

Suttey decided to swing by as usual, just not in the EF this time.

Bear had the day off and stopped by the shop to flip his tires, you know how it goes.

Mark came by to get some welding-work done up on his VIP'd up interior.

Then over to Mr. MBN's pad before going out to eat.

"You're driving on the wrong side buddy!"

Ain't no thang but a Buffalo Wang.

Then off to the cut to do some REAL hoodrat stuff.
(and no, the S13 does not get sideways).

Adam's drift edit coming soon... Until then, stay sideways and stay Unaffiliated.

- Kelvin G. Santos