Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Day & Night

Just a weekend full of wrenching, drenching, and quenching.

Sadboy spent a good amount of the afternoon wrenching on the Falcon. I've driven this thing before. Being behind the wheel of a classic is a privilege, because we always have to know our roots; not necessarily through each make and model, but just through the constant progression of the automotive industry itself. From the carbureted engines and alluring body lines to factory supercharged engines and back-up cameras, the automotive industry has been snowballing constantly and shows no signs of stopping. Although certain makes and models should (not saying any names)

Sadboy checking his Suschat.

The sun was looking superb, so so was Warren's Cougar. Photo opp? I think so.

It was time to put down the tools and enjoy a little stay-cation weekend with the fam. 

Real niggas know that hole-in-the-wall liquor stores are crucial when starting off your weekend.


Some of us wanted to socialize amongst each other over Micheladas and Four Locos while the rest of us felt like gettin' wet. Full homo.

Peep Game.

After swimming, drinking and thinking, the rest of the night was dipped.

Morning After Pills.

Back to the shop to grab some lunch with Caleb Quanbeck and throw my frame on, then it was game on.

// F R A M E B A N G E R S //

Next morning was mayhem, but you already know that Revolution gets shit done.

I don't have a second car. I DO NOT drive my Mommy's car. This is a real daily driven lowrider, no Garage Queen or Show Car type shit going on. My only other mode of transportation is my bicycle. This car has been to over 37 grocery stores and not a single car show. Once my car is back on the road you'll be catching me at your local skateparks and Northgate Markets with the squad. 

and the build continues..

- Kelvin G. Santos