Thursday, May 29, 2014

Foods & Dudes

"Life ain't complete without foods and the dudes"
- Thomas Jefferson

Getting a Skylignment before hitting the skatepark.

The homie TJ's bobber.

The People's Eyebrow.

Didn't get any pics of the skating/biking, I was too busy shredding, real talk.

Of course every prime Cali skatepark sesh deserves a prime Cali meal.

This nigga would..

Some homies had to handle some business, so we posted in the cut until they got back so we could all hold hands and eat together, feed each other noodles and all that cute shit. 

Albert got the baarrrsssss.

Cars, bikes and girls: The 3 things we both love and hate.

Latest Unaffiliated project, just a bit of fine tuning and she's ready to romp.

Met up at Attic afterhours and went to get KBB,

On the real, we're hella sorry for lagging on the blog posts. We've been hella busy making stickers for our online store, which actually reminds us.. Since we're most likely going to delay the re-opening of our online store, we're going to make it up to you guys by doing a Facebook/Instagram give away. Stay posted for details.

- Kelvin G. Santos