Sunday, April 27, 2014

Downest Townest

Weekends with the niggas, nothing out of the ordinary. 

// P H O L I F E //

Sushi Date.

The wasabi was too real.

Tofu Towaaaaa.


Neons, fiberglass kit, all I need is a fat ass pointless ass trendy ass hype ass wing.

We just some lowriders out here.


// F L E X S T A T I O N //

All we do is get gas, I don't even think we drive.

That VIP trip to the Eggtart Function.

Albert's such a dork.


I love you Marilyn.

Gettin' hella animated.

The homie Victor stays getting lost, help find him and join the #wheresvictor movement.


This Starbucks must be the fanciest Starbucks I've ever been to. They're so fancy that they charge for napkins, nigga.. NAPKINS.

Then we parked like a bunch of faggots and took pictures and held hands all night.

- Kelvin G. Santos