Sunday, April 27, 2014

Downest Townest

Weekends with the niggas, nothing out of the ordinary. 

// P H O L I F E //

Sushi Date.

The wasabi was too real.

Tofu Towaaaaa.


Neons, fiberglass kit, all I need is a fat ass pointless ass trendy ass hype ass wing.

We just some lowriders out here.


// F L E X S T A T I O N //

All we do is get gas, I don't even think we drive.

That VIP trip to the Eggtart Function.

Albert's such a dork.


I love you Marilyn.

Gettin' hella animated.

The homie Victor stays getting lost, help find him and join the #wheresvictor movement.


This Starbucks must be the fanciest Starbucks I've ever been to. They're so fancy that they charge for napkins, nigga.. NAPKINS.

Then we parked like a bunch of faggots and took pictures and held hands all night.

- Kelvin G. Santos

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Formula Drift Long Beach 2014.

We might have just earned the title for laggiest coverage of Formula Drift Long Beach 2014. Whatever, our coverage was just as weak as our cars are. I hate going to events/meets dude, so don't expect any intricate write ups on the cars and event.

// S H O W C A R S //

David's 85 got mad love at Offset Kings.

Casey's Cressi looked hella Jap.

The Peace Pipes.

One of my favorite cars at the event.

// G O L D I E //

This Z was pretty fire.

So were Albert's hynas.

Free food, chilled with the Animal Style niggas too.

Dat view.

Didn't care to try and get a media pass lol.

Forsberg won, siiiick.


Had to pull over on the way home to try fixing my fender after hitting some nasty bump. Low cars are soooooooo gay dude I should just raise it man.


On the way to get some ramen.

Fresh day I'd say.

- Kelvin G. Santos