Friday, March 14, 2014

Taking Back Wednesday 3/5/14

After a busy week, it was time to polish up the Weds before rolling out to the meet. We were weak in attendance due to homies being sick and other reasons. But we still came in strong.

This must have been the biggest meet yet, and seems like it will keep growing. A lot of quality and diversity was present that night. Just how we like it.

This E30 is so pristine.

Seeing these RX-3's never get old.

There were a few clean EF's that night too.

I love a lot of things about this Lexus, and that Einstein quote is the cherry on top.

I'm sure this Accord is often misunderstood, but we only see everything right about this build. The detail, customizations and immaculateness are definitely something worth recognizing. Scope out the detail of this car in person next meet.

That tuck <3 font="">

Simple but viscous, not to mention female driven. Proper overall execution.

My bucket.

My two favorite white guys <3 font="">

Our meets keep getting bigger and bigger. We think it's about time to start planning on hosting a weekend show/event..

Boss Jag on dubs #woodgraingrippin

Not the biggest FRS fan but this thing looked hella aggro.

This guy made his point.


Rob got sideways on his motorized drift-trike. This guy is always up to some creative shit.

This Scamp is a champ for that swap.


Sparkle Garage brought at the Cressi.

Plenty of VIP goodness was present.

Firebird is the word.

Then came along the Central Pine LS430.

This Ratbug was lookin' gnarly.

Bangin' Honda, killin' the 2 wheel game.

Couple riders came out, but I was too busy to bust my bike out and join.

My ex drive one of these. She used to always want to fix it up. This Matrix had the right idea.

Corvettes are always reppin' hard at Taking Back Wednesday. Stay up!

Yes, an R33 Skyline from Washington came through to our meet. After meeting the owner and hanging out with him for a few days, his "soon to come" feature turned into something far more than a feature; it became a friendship. Fuck a feature. Keep posted for more pics of the Unaffiliated R33 coming soon.

Hundreds of cars - tons of trash. Everyone wonders how these meets have stayed so consistent over such a long period of time. After every meet, we stay and clean up the whole parking lot even tough some of us have to be up early for work the next morning. We do this for you guys to have a meet to go to once a month and make more than just connections, but friends as well.

To those of you who stay after hours at the meet pretty late and don't have to wake up early the next morning, we're asking you to come meet up with us at the end of the night and help out to clean up. Just look for the white Unaffiliated Onevia, I always have trash bags on deck. Together we want to help keep the automotive enthusiast community alive no matter what it takes. If you want to help join the movement, message us on our page and we'll work something out. We thank you for your support. We'll be seeing you next meet, until then, stay Unaffiliated.

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TBW 3/5/14, a set on Flickr.

- Kelvin G. Santos