Friday, February 14, 2014

Taking Back Wednesday 2/5/14

"Every girl has their time of the month, and we have ours", said one of the attendees of our meet. We appreciate all of the positive feedback, we hope to see everyone come out next month.

We started the afternoon over at Revolution Tires & Wheels to drop my car, camber her out, and align her right before heading out to the meet.

Revolution is the home of Unaffiliated. We can stretch any tire onto any wheel, fit any rim, and pretty much cover all 9 yards. Need any re-barreling or rims of any kind? Just hit us up and mention that you heard of us through Unaffiliated: Revolution Tires & Wheels

Break Timeeeee.

Unaffiliated X Revolution Tires from Unaffiliated on Vimeo.

After the alignment, headed straight to the meet to find a huge and diverse crowd. as usual.

Keno & Eric lookin' firme.

Solid Volvo.

TEAM DEFIANT reppin' since day one!

Hella flossin'.

Green Meanie.

Matching cage & rims on this Jeep really set it off.

This guy asked to take this picture, maybe it's an inside joke?

I love 3rd gens.

Midnight Projects always stuntin'.


Properly executed RSX.

Message our page (Unaffiliated) if you're down to sell me your hood, kthnxbyee.


These rims really caught my eye.

Aggressive SC reppin' Project G.

I've always had a thing for X-Runners. 

Seen this car when the previous owner still had it. The paint on this thing is stellar.

So many Vette's came out that night, I was in HEAVEN.

Shouts out to BPPD for holding it down.

This thing sounded scary.

He/she could've still ran the same rear set in the front without having to stagger, but still looks good.

I love this car so much.

I love this OG Levin just as much.

The Eclipse's chassis looks that much better dropped.

This Civic really grew on me. Can't wait to see what rims he'll have next meet..

We've always loved this RX7, but we never knew what he was packin' until that meet. Really cool owner, the car represents him well.

All barred legal.


This picture does no justice as to how immaculate the paint job was.

Envy Them.

This thing was looking fresh, hope to see it muddy next time!

A lot of clean builds that night.

Kawaii-ass Jeff.


If you have any questions about this car, feel free to call/text the number bellow.

Always an awesome sight.

Vape clouds for days.

Confused about this car..

Cambered Bug reppin'!

The license plate frame doesn't really match the wheels..

MP Subie looking fireeeeee.


I see you..


Nikko bringin' the heat!


Female driven? Be my Valentine <333333333 p="">

Sadboy rollin' out!

Be on the lookout for this guy delivering pizzas around the area, ricing out at car meets, and just being plain disrespectful.


Sweet Lan Evo.

The rear on this thing was wetttt.

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TBW 1/5/14, a set on Flickr.

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