Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The One-Stop Shop.

This week seems like all that it is consisted of is nothing but work, Boba, cars, and bikes. But hey, I wouldn't want it any other way.

Latest addition to Unaffiliated, coming sooner than you think.

If you know Moe, then you know that Beer Runs are mandatory.

We helped Moe salvage this bike to give to Bear so we could all mob.

Beast in its den.


After remembering that we still had to tell Bear about his new bike, we headed over to Attic to tell him the good news.

Next time you go to Attic, make sure you meet Deezy.
This guy will teach you everything you need to know about them trill ass vibes.

8010 Beach Blvd. Bullies

"I ain't worried 'bout nothin'"

All sorts of Ratchetry took place last night.

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The One-Stop Shop, a set on Flickr.

- Kelvin G. Santos