Monday, October 14, 2013

Taking Back Wednesday 10/2.

We're just gonna make this write-up short and sweet: Taking Back Wednesday is like a box of chocolates.. Well, we're sure you know how the rest goes.

After a nice little family dinner, we stepped outside to see all the diversity.

Not everyday you see an E30 M3.

Even rarer with the wipers.

This Spoon Top Miata was stanced the f*ck out.

Bagged Chopper? Yup.

Moe taking his laps.

Always a good time running into Team Supastars. It was great catching up with Mike.

Ron: Can't Stop, Won't Stop.

We found his hood emblem and sound system to be quite amusing.

Tony rolled through with his self-wrapped Merce'.

I'm a huge fan of Sawblades.

V8 Swapped S13; gnarly.

This photo was out of focus, although the car was on point.

Daniel's Widebody M50 Swapped E30 didn't look too bad next to the M3.

The Camarillo Family Truck, keepin' that flame.

This one's for Miguelito.

Anthony usually leaves the meets pretty early, but that Bimmer Boy life just gets the best of us sometimes! Always hyped to see everyone meeting new people and building networks, that's what car meets are all about. See everyone next meet!

Rootbeer FloatRiley James Goin' InThug BugLowyotaPurple SC300E30 M3
Spoon Top MiataWhite PignoseRareBagged ChopperSpoon Top MiataMoe@Hyper16Valve
Mazda MiataSavageOrange MR2Supastars Sunny B13Supastars DaihatsuSwagovan
Tony's MercedesCivic on SawbladesV8 S13Toyota SupraYotaMazda Miata
TBW 10/2, a set on Flickr.

- Kelvin G. Santos