Tuesday, October 29, 2013


OFWGKTA X ATTIC event was PACKED. Good vibes the whole day! Here's our coverage from that day:

His fanbase is freakin' ridiculous..

My P.I.C. Flyin' Ryan, workin' Beach & La Palma.

Doughnuts everywhere.

Bear gots that VIP Parking.

No comment.

These kids have been posted out there since
the early morning to be the first to meet Tyler.

Bet you $100 none of these kids can land a kickflip


This Mom had on some bangin' kicks.

A lot of his fans were young, so parking wasn't too hard
considering that everyone got dropped off by Mommy & Daddy.

Victor finally brought out the Dirty Thirty.

Of course Mr. Attic had to come and hold down the fort in his GTR.


Tyler's fans were super excited to meet him, they were all acting lowkey though lol.

This couple lol.

His fans were colorful characters.

Enough of the impostor Tylers, time for the real deal.

"I want these in my room so I could just walk in and be all like.."

Selfie game was extremely eminent that day.. 


His fans were bending over backwards for that proper selfie..

People were swarmin' the O.F. Pop Up Shop after meeting Tyler.

Some kid asked Tyler to pee on him..

Lionel made a sicky line up for the OFWGKTA Carnival.

About as awkward as it gets..

Tyler kicked one of his minions out of the booth just for shits & giggles.


The Fonz's bootleg offspring?

Jokes were crackin' left and right, I was sore from it all.

I respect how down to Earth Tyler is and
how he didn't let the money or the fame get to him.

Everyone was soooo entertained even while waiting to meet him.

This kid brought in a pillow for Tyler to sign..

...and a new pose lol.

Tyler signed this sock, then later questioned
what he's gonna do with it when he gets home...

The line just kept coming.

That pose though!

Tyler and Lionel were schemin' on what to write on this kid's forehead.

Tyler loves Moms!

"Come on let's take a picture Dad! Oh shit... That felt weird as hell to say.." - Tyler

The body-part signing epidemic was growing..

Tyler then wrote "INSERT HERE" on this kid's neck...

...only to find out... was a boy.

Kids wanted him to sign ANYTHING.

He totally signed this chick's report card on accident or something..

This chick brought Tyler snacks, and got a freshy hug in return.

This girl wanted it.

Deep quotation mark tattoos with a not-so-deep quote from Tyler.

This fool tripped us out the most...

Moms were very supportive of Camp Flognaw.

The Odd Future Pop Up Shop had some much dope stuff, but I'm too broke for any of it.

Robbo meeting The Creator.

Robert's custom sticker from Dra- I mean Tyler.

Fools came up spittin' bars!

Then Tyler came up singing along to every Drake song that played..

He admitted it, it's not a joke, he really likes Drake.

Lionel was lurkin' with them stunnas.

One of Tyler's old classmates brought in his 6th Grade Yearbook!

You seen it here first, #veryrare

It was nostalgic for Tyler. 

Tyler's little homie came through with a Fatburger Meal.

Watching Tyler made me hungry.

Iggy dipped early.

Flyin' Ryan and Tyler The Creator.


There were still a GRIP of fans waiting around the building, but Tyler had to dip already.


You could only imagine how packed the store got after that.

After some cleaning up, we called it a day.

But how can you complain about traffic with a view like that?

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O.F. in B.P.O.F. in B.P.O.F. in B.P.O.F. in B.P.O.F. in B.P.O.F. in B.P.
OFWGKTA X Attic2Zoo, a set on Flickr.

- Kelvin G. Santos