Monday, July 15, 2013

Taking Back Wesnesday 7/3.

As some of you who know how to read may know, the location of our meet has changed from the Attic parking lot to the Wendy's parking lot on Beach and Orangethorpe.

We were forced to move the meet because too many people were coming to the Attic parking lot as early as 5pm even though we clearly state that it starts at 8pm. This conflicted sales potential Attic shoppers from even coming into the store. Also reports of a grey 350Z spinning out on Beach Blvd. were made to Attic's corporate offices.

So now we went from a safe spot with little parking to a huge lot where cops can actually fuck with us. Luckily we keep a good relationship with the BPPD, so as long as no one gets ricey and stupid, we can keep having the monthly meets there.

Hondas for dayssss.

Not feelin' the license plate frame, but definitely feelin' the fitment.

Some cars (like the E36) look good stock.

Fitted G.

NV.US always coming through.

I remember when this guy showed up to our meet a year ago and left after 5 minutes of seeing how empty the lot was, didn't even give the meet a chance. Glad he came back and actually kicked it.

Cressidas <3>

The feels.

The homies Eric & Mark always comin' through to kick it.


VIP boys.

Frankie Locs.

Sammy Locs before the new rims.

Warren's car started to fudge up at the meet.


Proper Subaru.

Low. Ride. URRRGH.

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TBW 7/3., a set on Flickr.

- Kelvin G. Santos