Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Taking Back Wednesday 5/1.

After washing and shooting Daniel Balaj's new E30, we gathered up the crew and rolled out to the meet. To our surprise, the lot was already filling up an hour before it even started!

Robert and Moe grabbing a bite from the GD Bro Truck.

Al B.

Alex actually came early! Also forgot to mention that he traded for some new shoes.

That Tiffany Blue came through.

This guy was an early-bird! Heard he was posted since 5:30.

Moe@Hyper16Valve choppin' it up with the PD.

This is what we're all about; progression over perfection. We remember this guy showing up to our meet last year looking like this, and now look at him (photo below).

Started from the bottom.

We love this guy's MR2 and his homies that he rolled up with too. He drove all the way from Temecula, mad respect. Definitely gonna have to kick him down with an Unaffiliated sticker next time we see him.

No boost, no problem - @subiedrake


This F150 was hella aggressive, mad props to the owner. Can't wait to see what he's got planned next for this beast.

Carbon fiber front end? Respect.

Mr. Attic's homies decided to stop by the meet again.

Spotted a fellow shredder.

Spotted this gem in the lot, completely through me off. I had no idea an NSX was among us the whole night.

Of course we scoped out the Chase parking lot and came across some dime pieces.

I love this year Corvette.

Sting Rays must have been my first favorite cars growing up, and I still have a soft spot for them. This one was in great condition too.

This guy was begging for a photo.

So much variety.

Spotted John P. while crossing the street.

Even our close homies had to park all the way over by Claim Jumper to come kick it, that's how packed it got.


After spotting some cars across the street, I came back to the motherland to see what was good with the raffle.

If I owned a Honda CVCC, I'd definitely post up with it like this guy did.

Sick Camry.

John P.'s Minty Veloster.

This guy's system was on point, holding it down at the meet week after week with the sickest jams; keeping the good vibes up.

Yoshi's Evo 8 w/ Evo 9 front and rear bumpers.

Storm Trooper.

Spotted this clean Datsun right before the raffle started. It was nice to see everyone cooperate together as a community.

A couple crews that we heard give a shout out were Low Class and Midnight Projects. Always see these guys at the meet. 

As Moe always says, "choose wisely".

Yes, we raffled off Coke.

This guy was pretty stoked off of winning this fresh Jose Cuervo pinata.

Last but not least, raffled off these copies Forza Horizon!

Robert posted.

Vatos locos.

Clean S14 repping Forza.

Victor rolled through in the Falcon, keeping that flame.

The homies asked me to take a picture of their cars as people were leaving the meet.

A couple cars rolled up late including this Lotus.

This RX8 representing Royal Flush rolled up late too, killin' the game with that fitment. Once again, we'd like to thank everyone for coming out meet after meet and growing further from just another car meet and closer as a community. See you guys next meet!

[ D ] A R [ T ] H  [ M ] A U LAss ShotGD Bro TruckLow'N Slow CamryLow'N Slow CamryCivic

MoeProgressClean MR2Clean MR2MR2Subie
Classic ToyotaSanctiondLifted F150S2K's_DS510C3766Project Mu FRS
Lan EvoBikerCivicAudiLifted TundraAccord
TBW 5/1, a set on Flickr.

- Kelvin G. Santos