Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Taking Back Wednesday 3/6.

Thanks to everyone for showing up and cooperating, we were glad to see everyone getting along and having a good time. Also congratulations to those of you who won our Sanctiond giveaway! We hope to see everyone at the next meet. We will be raffling off 3 cleaning kits again, but this time live at the meet!

Mitsubishi Dealership.

I have a soft spot for E36 Compacts.

Firme Cressida.

Datsuns, Datsuns everywhere.

Akebono USDM stuntin' like usual.

Makes me wanna polish my Enkei's; too bad I'm broke..

Female Driven? Okay I see you.

Adam, killin' the game.

This shit was loud.

Happiest Guy In The World.

A little drizzle never hurt anyone.

Hyped to see this guy slam his XB. Lovin' the hood art too.

Bagged GTI, sick.

Clean A4.

Big shouts out to these two guys; Hyper16Valve.

I couldn't have gotten my car back up and running if it wasn't for these guys.

As promised, we visited the Chase Parking lot to see how it was cracking.

One thing I liked about the Chase lot better was that they were actually playing music, sick vibes.

Celebrated the re-birth of my car by going out to get Boba with the fam.

Packed  Mitsubishi DealershipLegacyE36 CompactS14Cressida
AccordSubie510Datsun510 Wagon510
Akebono USDM WhiteAkebono USDM RedCivicSil80CivicCivic
Lan EvoLan EvoAdam's E36Street BikeSC300Accord
TBW 3/6, a set on Flickr.

- Kelvin G. Santos