Monday, March 25, 2013

Taking Back Wednesday 3/20.

Last week's meet was such a huge turnout and also very successful. Congrats to everyone who won the Sanctiond raffle. If you didn't win last week, you still have another chance next meet! Thanks to everyone who keeps it real every meet, we love the diversity of cars and people. This thing is becoming less of a car meet and more of a block party.

 (DISCLAIMER: With so many cars and photos, we only posted a few on the site. The rest of the photos will be located on the Flickr link at the very bottom of the post)

Far From Flawless.

Early birds. These guys showed up the earliest, props.

Pimp shit.

@subiedrake always posted up looking mean and clean.

Showing mad love.



Still the only VW R32 to ever show up at the meets.

Gotta love this buttery ass RX8.

Life of the party.

Ron goes through cars like a pimp goes through hoes.

Team Defiant.

Biker crew mobbed deep.

Matt's S13 Vert.

Chase lot was poppin' as well.

Not a huge fan of the Uras Monkey Magic kit, but we respect that he actually got it painted; a thing that most 240sx owners rarely ever get to do.

Neon MB's, steeze. Love the plate too.

Frame bangin' Chevy.

Headed back to the mainland to set up for the Sanctiond raffle.

Some people rolled through a little late.

Some people rolled out a little early.

And so the raffle began..

Reppin' that Sanctiond life.

Overall turn out was a success, we can't wait to see everyone again next week.

Then Derek came late and still killed the game.

UnaffiliatedCivicCivicIntegraLan EvoMustang
CadillacIntegraCivicGC8Mad LoveAccord
510GTICamaroChargerLan EvoSubie
TBW 3/20, a set on Flickr.

- Kelvin G. Santos