Sunday, February 10, 2013

Wild Weekend.

After a long and dreadful 4 days of classes, we decided to let loose and set school aside for a bit with all the homies. A few friends came over on Thursday night and formulated a plot to get the weekend poppin'.

Shreddie Locs.

After everyone left, we got in a little shoot in the woods.

Wasted no time on Friday and woke up to dip over to Wing Stop for lunch.

Vin Diesel.

Nemo up in the Unaffiliated office.

Everyone came back later that night to get things poppin'.

Then the trap dropped.

Lemon Party.


Yung Kickerz.

The guy/girl ratio was a bit off that night, but it was all chillin'. So we made sure to start setting things up sooner the next day as far as who to hit up.

Spent all Satuday shreddin' the skatepark and rounded up the homies and home girls to go wild for the night.

Yung Pufferz.

Prime ratios.

To the randos.

Everybody's workin' for the weekend.

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- Kelvin G. Santos