Friday, February 8, 2013

Taking Back Wednesday 2/6.

We base our meets on quality, not quantity, but we got the best of both. This week's turn out was not only huge, but diverse. All sorts of vehicles rolled through, both solo and rolled deep. Also a lot of domestics rolled through too, that's that shit I do like. Aside from a few fuck niggas who burned out down the street, this week's meet was pretty chill. It is always good to see everyone getting along and meeting new people. 

(DISCLAIMER: It's our goal to occupy Attic's parking lot, so if you can't find parking at Attic, you're more than welcome to park at Chase. Just don't Jaywalk because the feds finna be up on your and our asses)

Very respectable.

Feelin' this.

Hellasunk Civic.

Bigfoot showed up.

EF sticker on a CRX, nice.


You don't see enough of these.

Then Slammed McQueen came all the way from Radiator Springs.


VTEC this.

My dream car growing up.

Time to whip out the Pokédex.

Hope to see everyone at the next meet. We really need to hurry up and make more Unaffiliated stickers..

S2000Evo XFitted S2KFittedBallerCressida
Clean DatsunSick ImpalaWhite AccordS2000Clean ZenkiRSX
Mean BoxSunk HondaG35White AccordMonster TruckEF Sticker on a CRX
TBW 2/6, a set on Flickr.

- Kelvin G. Santos