Sunday, February 24, 2013

Taking Back Wednesday 2/20.

This week's meet was pretty big, but contained. Last meet was packed which caused all sorts of parking and leaving issues. This was all resolved this week by having people park across the street at the Chase parking lot when Attic's lot was full. Really nice to see everyone having a good time, that's what meets should be about.

In other news, we are going to be giving away cleaning kits by Sanctiond Cleaning Products next meet. We already started off the giveaway to a local that night, but now we are going to be doing a Facebook giveaway for a chance to win a cleaning kit starting next meet. Keep a lookout.

Little car.

Big RC.

Cute couple.


Sick Ratrod Datsun.

Hyper 16 Valve EF.

Hooked up the owner of this prime GC with a free car-care kit. We love this Subi and he comes out every meet, we can respect that. Show us love and we'll continue to show love back. This applies to everyone.

Reminds me of my S13 the first month I had it.

Street Bikers rolled through.

Suttey's EF.

Fast pignose.

Wide and boosting? I think so.

Of course we showed some love across the street too, so don't trip if you ever have to park across. Love this Wagovan, I'm planning on getting one.

Arthur got new wheels.

Cleanest Zenki, OEM+.

Later I took a ride with the owner of the classic 1931 Ford Model A across the street for a quick little shoot. For more pictures, click on the Flickr link at the end of the post.

Original motor, classic, respect.

Headed back to the mainland to see who else was still there. Romane always posted up with some crazy mods.

Can't wait to see how this thing's gonna look later on.

It seemed like Honda Heaven in the back.

The last car to show up, but definitely not least. We hope to see you all next meet. Also stay posted on our Facebook page for that Sanctiond Cleaning giveaway! Hope I'll finally be able to show up in my cat next meet..

Black S2000Yellow MazdaIntegraThe Wagon CoupleBlack on BlackLittle RX8
Rusted Pignose1931 Ford Model ARatrodYellow DatsunHyper 16 Valve EFFresh Miata
Clean GCClean EJ240sxStreet BikesSlammed Miata86
S13'sSuttey's EFSR20 S13SR20 S13Wide & BoostedSick Wagovan
TBW 2/20, a set on Flickr.

- Kelvin G. Santos