Wednesday, January 30, 2013

West Side Wendesdays.

Julio woke me up at about 8am and we rounded up a few friends to dip out to the beach. Julio was hyped to go out on his first real surf day. Yeah, kinda random to go surf on a Wednesday morning, but no one was complaining.

Rackin' up the board.

Picked up fresh Meegz.

Picked up Eden and rolled out to the beach.

Packin' heat.

Megan waxing down the fresh board like a champ.

Kelly Slater status.

So based.

About to kill it.



Holding down the fort.

Megan Stays Lurkn.

Met up with the rest of the homies up at the beach house located a few steps away from the beach we were at, literally.

Can't wait for Spring Breakers to come out.

We all put in for some fresh pizza, so me and Julio waited it out.

Chilled 'til the sun came down and then chilled some more. Always making the most of each day. Dema All Day.

Racked UpFresh SunsetFresh SunsetMad Chillin'Crazy CrustWaiting
CasualMeegzDKMeegz"Spring Breakers"Del Eden
Beach HouseBeach HouseMeegztagramThe WatchLurking HardEyes Closed
Blue CrushBlue CrushHyped JulioIntimidatingStaring OffHipstick
West Side Wendesdays., a set on Flickr.

- Kelvin G. Santos