Thursday, January 10, 2013

Taking Back Wednesday 1/9.

This week's meet had to be one of the best turn outs we've had in months as far as diversity and quality. The meets always start at 7pm, but even at 8 there were only about 3 cars in the lot. We thought it would be another one of those bunk ass dry ass nights, but to our surprise, people began to show up car after car.

The crowd was very mature for the most part. The only thing that was as entertaining as the nice cars were the idiots burning out as they left down the street. Other than that the vibes were chill, nice people, and very wide array of styles. There was even a little RC Drift session going in the corner. 

A few friends of Mr. Attic himself decided to come out. Project Mu's FRS.

Romane always breaks necks.

Oh you know, just drifting the Lexus and Lambo tonight.

Bear's Hachiroku.

I'm in love with this model Corvette.

This chick.


Fitted ass TC.


Turbo Miata? Sick.

Cant' wait to see this finished.

Alex actually showed up on time.

Ass for days.

Castro's E30's. Beauties AND beasts.

"A wild Rocket Bunny FRS appears!"


Words can't explain how beast these cars are.

I'm diggin' the color.

Ojay decided to bring out the Ruckus again, but this time on some mean ass rims.

I really like this Civic for some reason.

Seemed to be EG central over in the far back.




This is what meets should be about, quality cars, nice people, good vibes, and a friendly environment. We are all about the people, we want every car enthusiast to have a place to gather and socialize. The rest of the pictures can be found on the link below.

Project Mu FRSEvo On Red TE'sE36Romane's LS4HUNNAScion TCTracked Out Integra
Tracked Out S2000Favorite S14Black CivicWhite CivicAggressive  EvoEvo on New TE's
Orange MR2Unique Mugen RSXCivic & GCDeep

Formula 1 RC'sMr. Burnout
Clean CorvetteEF SedanEKBimmersFrankie's AccordCivic
TBW 1/9, a set on Flickr.

- Kelvin G. Santos