Sunday, December 16, 2012

Taking Back Wednesday 12/12/12.

We expected less people since it was raining earlier that night, but guess we were wrong. Also, as some of you may know we made a new page. So go like the new Unaffiliated page if you haven't already.



Oscar from Local Origins.

This chick is tight.


Bagged & Boosted.

Team Defiant.

Team Allustrious rolling out deep.

Fresh Murano.

Alex rolled through, better late than never.

SlamryFresh MuranoCivicsCooperSC3HUNNASupra
Baller ShitCivicKoukiGCGCBiker Guy's Civic
AllustriousFrankie's AccordBagged & BoostedS2KE46Honda Accord
RSXCivicAccord3000GTBiker Guy's CivicRSX
TBW 12/12/12, a set on Flickr.

- Kelvin G. Santos