Thursday, October 4, 2012

Taking Back Wednesday 10/3.

The thing I really like about this meet is the wide variety of makes and models of cars. Despite the fact that I haven't been able to bring my car out, I still enjoy these meets for the cars and people that come out. Always a friendly vibe. As many of you may notice, Euros are usually the minority at car meets often surrounded by Hondas and Acuras. But it's the other way at these meets, which I love.

Sleeper S12.

DTM as F///CK.

Vistro & Mo.

Smokey finally decided to bring out the Drift Missile.

CG Merc'n Out.

This car was really a neck breaker in my opinion. I've always had a soft spot for E28's, especially after watching Paid In Full. Eventually I will get myself one. But for the time being, I just soaked in this Flawless 528 on a staggered set of Enkei 92's. He also did an awesome diving board delete.

Fresh S13 and NC posted up all night, even after everyone left. 

See you all in two weeks. We need to discuss the meet after next, which falls on Halloween. Best Car Costume Contest? Hmm..

Sleeper S12BMW E30BMW E30Abe's E28S13 & NCAbe's E28
Abe's E28Abe's E28Abe's E28CG's VIP MercToyota CelicaAcura GSR Integra
BMW E30Datsun 510BMWS14Smokey's Drift MissileVolkswagen GTI
Vistro & MoLocalsBMW E30BMW E30BMW E30BMW E30
TBW 10/3, a set on Flickr.