Sunday, September 9, 2012

Beach Boys.

It was Friday and none of us had school or work, so we thought it'd be an awesome idea to go to the beach. Despite the fact that camber ware and frame banging was finally catching up to our cars, we still dipped out. Remember, we daily our shit, unlike most people.

We stopped to get some Mongolian Grille before dipping out.

Gotta stop by and show some love to the Attic Fam.

Victor's Ford Falcon took a shit half-way to the beach, so Anthony and I had to kill some time and wait for him to get some coolant. Classics need twice as much love as most cars do.

Camber Sucks.

First thing we saw when we got to the beach. Too much awesomeness going on here.

"Hypebeast Donut Shop".

As the sun began to set, we couldn't help but soak in its beauty. No homo..


After hours of playing Frisbee in the sand we decided to head back over to Main St.

Awesome art gallery.

The Great Gatsby.

Classic Porsche 356.

Sad Puppy.

Just another one of those weekends well spent.

- Kelvin G. Santos