Thursday, August 9, 2012

Taking Back Wednesday 8/8.

One thing I noticed about these meets is that not as many cars show up as before, but the few that do really catch my eye. Awesome cars driven by awesome people, always great to meet new faces. There was a whole squad of E30's that showed up to the meet as well, but they all took off before I could get any pictures.. Hopefully next meet we get to do a group shoot with the whole squad. We apologize for that. But thanks to everyone who came out from near and far.

Karlye & Tony drove her S13 out an hour just to hang out with the fam. That's love right there.

Flawless Civic Si. Still my favorite Civic locally.

Henny is always down to roll through.


Mark always keeps his S2K spotless.

Andrew is living the dream with his freshly bought R32.

The OG of the OC rocking his set of track wheels this week.

An aggressive E30 showed up late with a few others.

The infamous Steezy Peezzee coming in fashionably late as well in his one of a kind B13.

- Kelvin G. Santos