Friday, August 31, 2012

Party Animals.

We started our Labor Day Weekend off right and partied it up. Simple as that. Some people mistook us as club photographers tonight, but we didn't mind. For those of you who don't know who we are, we are Unaffiliated. Enjoy the pictures party animals.

Light-Up Eskimo Hooker Boots on deck.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

BP VIP BBQ 8/25.

We've all been trying to make the most of our last week/weekend of Summer Vacation before the school semester starts up again, but it seemed as if nothing happened all this week. Luckily we came across an invite for a Meet/BBQ hosted by guys from the well respect BP (Bippu Pride) VIP guys this Saturday at Sea Side Park. It was perfect because none of us had work that day. We all got up early, washed our cars, bought tons of food, drinks and other BBQ essentials and made our way out to Huntington.

We were the first to get there (besides the BP Vip guys or course), so as we were grilling up as storm, more people started showing up. This meet/BBQ was not even about the cars and crews at all, it was all about each others' company and purely just having a great time grilling burgers and sipping brew.

All of the BP Vip rides were FLAWLESS. Always flossin'.

This ballin' Honda Accord showed up sporting a classic set of CCW's and a retrofitted Honda Saber front grille. Never seen that before around here, caught my eye right away.

Papabear's Killer Cressida.

Our good pal Michael Koldus even decided to show up. If you know Mike, then you definitely know that he never shows up to any meets unless they are really worth it. I guess this was one of those meets.

Bagged Honda Pilot? Yes please.

Some late arrivals.

Our buddy Art showed up a bit late, but there was still more than enough to eat/drink.

Picnic Arsenal Unaffiliated Style.

Papabear from BP Vip came by our tent to have a toast to everyone for coming out and holding it down. This BBQ was an extremely eventful way to end Summer Vacation all thanks to BP Vip.

Papabear showin' some puppy love.

After we all cleaned up and left, we decided to take a random little Huntington Beach cruise along PCH and Main.

Gonna miss that Summer sunset..

- Kelvin G. Santos