Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Taking Back Wednesday 7/25.

If you've stuck by us since the beginning, then you'll remember how packed the lot used to get every Wednesday night, but unfortunately that has all changed. The Wednesday Meets are a lot smaller now, but on a brighter note, no one has been revving, ricing, or been a nuisance at all ever since. This Wednesday night was actually pretty cool, met a lot of new people and cars. Really friendly and mature vibe at this meet, lovin' it. We'd like to thank everyone who came out, you guys are tight. Until next week, stay fly.

Our good friend Will C. decided to stop by. Still my favorite CRX locally.

Norm's flawless Usdm 180sx.

Nothing wrong with stock.

Ditto. ^

Our pal Henry bringing out his buddy Grimace.

Dwayne holding it down, keeping his face in books and frame on the ground.

Mahmoud Alkatat's Hertge E30.

These guys go hard.

Charles owns the sickest Volvo in the barrio.

Rex's coupe is aggressive as hell.

Vistro's sleek hatch.

Gangsterst EF in Orange County.

Anthony's car directing a Nazi meeting of some sort.

- Kelvin G. Santos