Thursday, February 2, 2012

New Beginnings.

Thank you to EVERYONE who came out tonight! and we mean EVERYONE! Wouldn't have been possible without all of you! Everything went smooth! Well.. except for a few disrespectful guys who had to depend on their loud cars to compensate for their small dicks. But other than that, Meet Greet and Eat Wednesdays was an overall success! Shouts out to The Munch-ee5 Truck, Kogi Korean BBQ, and The Flip Truck!

(To the owner of this car,)
Sorry about the picture! It came out pretty bad. We owe you a photoshoot, next week! Promise!

We can never get tired of seeing Alex Orozco's Toyota Slamry.

Lucky winner of the canvas print, parked next to King Henry's car.

Happy Campers.

Mad love from the homies.

Again, thanks to everyone for the awesome turn out! Also, sorry we couldn't get everyone's car on the blog, we were really busy and caught up in the whole meet. But we hope to see everyone again next week!

If you need to contact any of us for any sort of event planning or anything, contact us:

- Kelvin G. Santos