Thursday, February 9, 2012

2/8/12 Wednesday Meet Raided.

Sorry about the unexpected police raid last night. As of right now, when/where the next meet will be held is pending. But just to further inform, the police said that they could care less about the cars, but it's the alcohol and weed that the Kohl's managers and customers reported about. After speaking with the police officer, we immediately met up at Attic along with the Mun-Chee5 Truck.

Feta Fries from The Mun-Chee5 Truck. BEAST.

The homie Frankie of Team Defiant lookin' clean as always.

"Stay Scrapin', Neck Breakin'"

Thanks to all who showed up last minute at Attic. But until then, stay posted, we'll keep you updated about when/where the next Meet Greet and Eat Wednesdays will be. Thanks.

- Unaffiliated