Sunday, July 3, 2011

Summertime Swag.

Summer has just been pretty laid back; cars, bikes, DJing, and hanging out with friends. We also have some major projects in the works. Stayed tuned for more, this Summer is barely getting started. Today is the 3rd of July, the 4th of July's younger sibling. It's been a pretty festive Sunday. Our neighbors were having a gnarly block party outside while me and my buddies were eating and having a little movie night at my house. Just felt like taking some pictures today because the homie Christy came by with her fresh Nikon, so I had to school her with it; she don't even know how to turn it on haha. Well yeah, stay cool in this Summer heat fools, seriously.

My bike go hard..

Anthony's E30.

Warren's Cougar.

91 Nissan, 91 Octane; I needed it.

Joe, lurkin' behind Anthony.

"Dang, hipster".


This & That.

Check out Dwayne's SEXY DC5 Integra *drools*.

- Kelvin G. Santos