Saturday, July 30, 2011

Clubbin' With The Hoolies.

So Warren, Cedric, and I DJ'd a pretty sweet 18+ Spanish club in Downtown Pomona, and we were able to hook the homies up [SoCal Hooligans]. We had a pretty great time and the music was crackin'! Never seen so many fine latinas in my life cuhh, straight up. I fell in love with corridos and cumbia up in there. The Hoolies know how to party!

The 'Foreign' Warren

Closed eyes swag.

Joser & Ernie, gettin' down with that fresh dougie.

This couple had a great night as well!

Shufflin', not stompin'.

No lie, the chick on the left had my attention the whole night, and I think it'd be swag if she hits me up. In case she's reading this, my number is on the business card. (Kelvin)

Thumbs up for latinas!

- Kelvin G. Santos

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