Sunday, May 22, 2011

It's JDM Yo!

"It's not about where we go or when we get there; it's about who we go there with."
We arrived a little late, no biggie.

Caravan from my street.

All sorts of imports; 13 in total.

Check out the camber on that EK!

EP3 on gold-dipped meshies.

Stanced-out MX5.

"Dat Ass".

RWD <3

THEE Royal Origin CD5.

THEE Royal Origin Mazda 3.

Check out that exhaust pipe!

Straight up Cusco Hachi.

So much carbon fiber! Take a look at what's on the roof..

Dope RC car replica of his/her own car!

S15's give me cargasms.

We weren't even prepared for all the cars in the warehouse.


Not into American much, but I fell in love with this Camaro.

7up S14?

Not that packed when we got there, but it was still enjoyable.

MR2's lined up. Notice the aggressive piping on that blue one!

Not a big fan of Cubes, but dayum. Sweet lookin' Sugar Cube.

Fixed up Toyota Yaris? Fuhh.. *Like.


The FG looked like it was ready to attack at any time!

Clever.. S14.1?

So artistic and unique, I couldn't leave a watermark on this pic.

R32's! Ahhh!

Straight chillin'.

Time to roll out.

We took over a gas station on the way to our photoshoot location.

We run things.

The homie Adrian, lurkin'.

This is not even everyone..
That truck driver knew how to drive!

Police car drove by; he never slowed down or even came to a stop. Not all cops are douches.

- Kelvin G. Santos