Monday, May 30, 2011

ZOMGWTF BBQ Meet 2011.

The 4th Annual ZOMGWTF BBQ Meet was a blast! It must have been better than any other meet I've been to. Most meets I feel kinda left out because EVERYONE has a Honda, and I'd be the only Nissan; in this case, it was all Nissans! I actually felt like I belonged for once.

At first I met up with my friend Rex, and also made some new friends; great people. We then drove off too Long Beach Town Center for the 562 Caravan. We all met up (as seen below) and were waiting for one last guy. When he got there, we were L.A. bound.

We finally got there and there was an overwhelming number of 240's already at the meet (which was located at Griffith Park in Los Angeles). Here are some pictures that I took, freshest cars! Some 240's there actually made my car look decently clean; most made mine look like trash.. But it's all for the love of that s-chassis.

Personally one of my favorite S13's out there.

My dream daily.


Everyone seems to be boosted..

Thasssss right.

Why so shiny?

Another one of my favorites.

Again with that Cressi.

That's my kinda 240.

Lowkey stash.


I love that look.

Paletero men made bank.

Yeah it's pink, yeah it's dented, yeah a girl drives it, yeah that's hot.

Rex, shreddin' gnarly brahh.

Oh and did I forget to mention the food?! There was soooo much to eat! All sorts of food! Everyone was really chill about it too. They had chips, spam-sushi stuff, burgers, hot dogs, drinks, and like, everything in between!

The homies straight munchin'.

Epic hipster nerd sword fight. Don't ask. Video will be up soon.

My Ruffles-spamwhich.

S13 from Paisa Drift.

Gutta gutta.

Cleanest drift-missile.

The 3 Hachiroku's decided to show up, fresh.

This is one bold statement by one bold hachi.

My favorite s13 there..

Epic photo, epic car.

R35, not too shabby.

Funky fresh.


Too down, TOO down.

Puro pinche Paisa Drift FTW!

This fool goes hard.


Justin's aggressive hatch.

Rex's beasty coupe.

Purple vinyl, not paint.

There's soooooo much more stuff I need for my car... Whatevahh.

- Kelvin G. Santos

East Side Longo Gang Goes Hard.

"Nigga what's crackin', we could catch a mothafuckin fade with the fuckin' glock, Nigga what's crackin'" This is what gang bangin' is all about.

- Kelvin "SouthSideChinaTownGangX3" G. Santos

Sunday, May 29, 2011

ZOMGBBQ & Meet; My Car.

I went to the 4th Annual ZOMGWTFBBQ Meet with two friends of mine. It turned out to be a pretty awesome event! I'll be posting more coverage soon, but for now, here's a short clip of me parking.. Awkward lol.

- Kelvin "NeedsSideSkirts" G. Santos

Thursday, May 26, 2011


- Kelvin G. Santos