Sunday, April 24, 2011

Long Beach, Long Night.

Saturday, April 23rd, our good friend Andrea Dawn Somera held her 18th Birthday Celebration (Debut) in Long Beach, and me, my brother, and friends were lucky enough to be in her court. After a fun filled celebration with friends and family, we (the court) ended our night at the Hyatt Hotel. We all had a blast that night! How many teenagers can say they've all spent the night together in a hotel in Long Beach with no adults whatsoever? I myself did not participate in some of the activities that went on that night; better yet I excused myself from the hotel room at 3:00am to go take a couple pictures of the beautiful cityscape and get some air. Surreal environment, loved it. Hope you like my "point and shoot" photography.

This song is pretty fitting to my mood at the time:

The cave.

Point&Shoot Bokeh? I think so.
(oh don't mind the chipped lens).

- Kelvin G. Santos