Monday, March 14, 2011

10 Deep: Pomona Car Meet.

(Make sure to check out all of the pictures and more on my Facebook page)On Sunday morning, March 13th, some friends and I decided to roll out to Pomona for a car meet. We rode 10 deep. We started our day off at around 9:00 am and ended it at around 5:00 pm. All who attended the meet were very unique and built up imports (most if not all were Hondas). It was pretty awkward at first being one of the 3 only Nissans there, but everyone was nice! Food, music, girls, cars, AWESOMENESS! A lot of right hand drive cars showed up along with neckbreakers, showstoppers, and sleepers. Headed back to eat at Flame Broiler, then off to finish the night at a pretty dead meet in Anaheim. But I have to admit it was probably one of the best days ever (carwise).

Oh, and here's a video from the M&M Doughnut meet in Anaheim. Perfect example of what NOT to do at a car meet. It's people like this who are the reason we can't have car meets..

Meeting up in the morning.

On the road to Pomona.

We roll deep.

10 Deep.

Unique cars EVERYWHERE.

Cars kept comin' and comin'.

Suspicious passenger.

Kickin' it old school!

Weird trunk mechanism.

EG back..

EK front!

Yes! A bike! Dumped CRX.

Perfect weather.

Fastest car there.

I love the hood.

Super sleeper EG.

Yeah, that's Lil' Grave Digger.

Cars cars cars.

Epic Datsun.

One of a kind.

Godly Hachi.

We all want those rims.

Fitted S-Deuce.


Frank's JDM DA model.

Random Japanese models.

Mad postin'.

Ate and Flame Broiler, and a Mercedes decided to join us.

- Kelvin G. Santos