Tuesday, March 29, 2011

M&M Car Meet, Done Right.

Way better outcome at the M&M Sunday night car meet on March 27, 2011. A lot more cars showed up and met a lot more chill people. Not to mention lots of dope & unique cars too! Hope more meets are like this in the future, straight up. Still a couple idiots speeding down the street though..

Built Datsun.

Fresh lights on an EK.

This guy has the right state of mind, definitely.

Well known EG.

Track RX7.

Extremely nice dude owns this car; homie has all my respect.

Flawless RX7.

Original Mini Cooper.

Zero offset.

Sick Accord Wagon.

Initial D. status Hachiroku.

Touge swag.

Finally got my badge.

I never said I was good at canyon racing, I just love it.

Stripped interior = less weight & not being a taxi.

Warehouse Massive.

The censored flyer. To keep it lowkey.

Audiophyre dropping his set.

Loko for them lokos.


- Warren "needs-to-post-more" Santos Add me & Kelvin

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Canyon Racing Swag.

It was Friday, and Anthony hit me up, anxious to go race canyons. We've never gone up and raced together before, so we were both pretty amped. We brought along some friends and journeyed out to Turnbull Canyon.

We got to the Circle K and talked about how this was going down. Warren was with us at the time so we were 3 cars deep. Within minutes we found ourselves following each other to the top of the canyon. I was given the honor to lead our downhill race, so I did. We were all running pretty mellow to make sure nothing sketchy was going on.

Warren left, so it was just me and Anthony to be racing. We both went up for one last run before we left, and we made sure to give it our all. We finally got to the top and he had me lead. We both began to go at it and he was keeping up to me in his bone-stock BMW E30! He was going great following me going hard downhill, until I heard extremely loud exhaust bombing down behind me...

I noticed that the lights behind me were brighter and closer to me. I kept checking my rear-view mirror to see if it was still Anthony behind me, but it sure as heck wasn't. All I saw behind me were flip-lights like my car! I really felt the pressure as this mystery car was on my tail! I went from racing hard to pushing myself to max out! I was in the zone blasting through every straightaway and hugging every corner!

At the end of the race, we all pulled up to the Circle K. I finally saw who was behind me. I was being followed by a MX5 [click here to view similar MX5] and the infamous S13; Anthony was behind us. He was overtaken by the 2 experienced canyon runners, of course because they're locals and his car is bone-stock, but he still kept up really good against those guys!

Both Anthony and I are more driven than ever now to work on our cars and skills in the canyons. We both ended the night feeling accomplished. Anthony felt accomplished because he did great running his stock E30 and kept up with locals; all he has to do now is save up for some suspension! I, on the other hand, feel accomplished because I ran my hardest against these locals and gave them no chance to overtake me (which is a big deal in the canyons). We'll definitely be keeping you updated!

Anthony's pride & joy.

- Kelvin "NeedsToStepHisGameUp" G. Santos

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Love Story.

If we were to explain our story, nobody would get us.

But why should they matter?

"I love Kelvin. End of story."

- Alba

Monday, March 14, 2011

10 Deep: Pomona Car Meet.

(Make sure to check out all of the pictures and more on my Facebook page)On Sunday morning, March 13th, some friends and I decided to roll out to Pomona for a car meet. We rode 10 deep. We started our day off at around 9:00 am and ended it at around 5:00 pm. All who attended the meet were very unique and built up imports (most if not all were Hondas). It was pretty awkward at first being one of the 3 only Nissans there, but everyone was nice! Food, music, girls, cars, AWESOMENESS! A lot of right hand drive cars showed up along with neckbreakers, showstoppers, and sleepers. Headed back to eat at Flame Broiler, then off to finish the night at a pretty dead meet in Anaheim. But I have to admit it was probably one of the best days ever (carwise).

Oh, and here's a video from the M&M Doughnut meet in Anaheim. Perfect example of what NOT to do at a car meet. It's people like this who are the reason we can't have car meets..

Meeting up in the morning.

On the road to Pomona.

We roll deep.

10 Deep.

Unique cars EVERYWHERE.

Cars kept comin' and comin'.

Suspicious passenger.

Kickin' it old school!

Weird trunk mechanism.

EG back..

EK front!

Yes! A bike! Dumped CRX.

Perfect weather.

Fastest car there.

I love the hood.

Super sleeper EG.

Yeah, that's Lil' Grave Digger.

Cars cars cars.

Epic Datsun.

One of a kind.

Godly Hachi.

We all want those rims.

Fitted S-Deuce.


Frank's JDM DA model.

Random Japanese models.

Mad postin'.

Ate and Flame Broiler, and a Mercedes decided to join us.

- Kelvin G. Santos