Sunday, February 20, 2011

Rain, Rain.

The rain had everyone feeling lazy, but not us! Today we cleaned out my garage so my car could fit up in there! Plus, Anthony just got his 89 BMW E30! We were all excited for him, so me, Victor, Frank, Andrew, and Dopey all went to kick it with him and his fresh new whip! Victor started the day off right with a fresh Pizza Bike sesh, we then dipped out to get food and chill. Tried making the best of this rainy Saturday.

Dopey, dippin'.

The Tobes, postin' it.

Finally, a clean garage.

Anthony's E30 Project.

Drewskies doin' things right.

"Shoot The Prez".

Mad window shoppin'.


Get away spot.

"Ah, I don't wanna go to the Wooks.." - Franco.

That urban feast.


Not all that bad for a rainy Saturday.

- Kelvin "Ain't Flush" G. Santos